Jet Aviation Staffing and FlightSafety International announce a global pilot training partnership program powered by the hullo Aircrew platform

Jet Aviation Staffing announces today a new global training program for pilots in partnership with FlightSafety International. This program, offered exclusively through the hullo Aircrew platform, was created in support of the freelance workforce.

This training opportunity allows pilots to complete recurrent training; Jet Aviation Staffing will ensure payment of the upfront costs for eligible pilots and offer a flexible re-payment plan.

hullo Aircrew provides a platform to connect freelance and contract aircrew members with operators in a fast and simple process. In partnership with Jet Aviation, hullo is developing its technology to become a single source for freelancers to access the best trips, receive payment quickly, and easily access a variety of training programs.

“Jet Aviation Staffing is thrilled to support ongoing training and professional growth for pilots,” said Elaine Lapotosky, senior director Jet Aviation Staffing. “We recognize the financial commitment freelance pilots must make to maintain a type rating and are here to support them. By assuming upfront financial responsibility for the training, pilots have the ability to focus on their career without financial burden. FlightSafety is known for offering state-of-the-art training, and by utilizing the technology of hullo Aircrew, we can easily connect pilots to FlightSafety, keeping them flying.”

“We are proud to serve Jet Aviation and appreciate the steps they are taking to help pilots receive the very best training under this new flexible program,” said Steve Gross, senior vice president, sales and marketing, FlightSafety International. “Our highly experienced instructors provide a variety of courses designed to provide pilots with the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of their passengers, other crewmembers, and the aircraft.”

Steve Payne, chief operating officer, hullo Aircrew, added, “At hullo Aircrew, we are committed to enhancing our technology platform to provide the most value for freelance aircrew. Partnering with Jet Aviation to offer training to pilots is a natural evolution of our platform, and we are proud to be part of this new service provided by Jet Aviation Staffing and FlightSafety International.”