Did you #sayhullo at Ebace?

Pictured, the hullo Aircrew team along with collaboration partner Elaine Lapotosky, Senior Director (Jet Aviation)

Thank you to all our vistors at Ebace. We were delighted by the positive feedback we received during the show. We had a great time having many conversations with aircrew and operators about the hullo Aircrew platform.

Thank you all for visiting us at the Jet Aviation Stand. The feedback received was very positive, and we look forward to bring to you the enhanced platform with our new partners in early 2020.

We’d also like to offer our thanks to CAE for the invitation to dinner at the very picturesque Geneva Nautical Society boathouse venue. Lovely to see some of our old CAE friends and meet some new, interesting people.

We’re looking forward now to NBAA-BACE, Las Vegas. We have some exciting items on the horizon to preset to you with Jet Aviation Staffing.